Freitag, 18. Mai 2012


 So here's a little picture Update. 
Part 1: The very pastel coloured girl and her Cupcakefetish <3

"Hope you like It <3
I truely luv this wig. It is easy to wear and It's got an amazing quality <3
Guess I am gonna wear this at the "Japantag" in Germany/Düsseldorf this year. Just waiting for my Bodeyline Skirt <3"

Part 2: The real me. Without a wig. Just with some Extentions.

 "I am just wearing my 'usual' hairstyle."


 Part 3: The blond wig with the pink ends. Very good looking and easy to wear.

"This is such a cute wig. It looks nearly like cottopn candy <3" 

"And this cute
wig on the right side is called "Chocolate Dream". I've found It in Ebay for a very cheap price. ♥"

So...this is It for today <3 
Hope you enjoyoed It a little bit <3 

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  1. Hello really are cute and look like the most adorable heroine ever come out a colorful manga! Love all your delightful pics!