Samstag, 10. März 2012

From China

First Delivery from China

Hey guys! Finally It's here!
My original Hello Kitty purse and bag!
Both things are from China. They were ordered on "Ebay".

The HK purse is super cute. I especially like the pastel colors amd the HK sign on the front. The purse is beautifully finished and has plenty of space, what I need and most urgent: D

With the bag, it is almost the same thing: good quality and plenty of space. It is also suitable as a school bag.


I am a really big fan of cute and sartorially stuff. So I decided to combine a few accessories with others and create new ones. Like the HK Glasses. Also my mobilephone is part of own little creation :D

Those are some accessories, that were mostly made by myself.

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