Samstag, 14. August 2010

First Entry

Hey Guys,
This is my very first entry.
At first, I wanna tell you about the main idea of this blog.
This is a blog about a Genderqueer person called Sam.
Yeah, about me.
It's about the life, the fashion, the reactions of others
and much more. 
So there will be daily entrys about my life and all my thoughts.

So today's the  Saturday,14th August 2010.
It was avery lazy day. Nothing to do.
So I decided to began a new book.
The name of It will be "Private Hell".
It's about a boy called Shane. He's 18 years old and
very special, I would say.
Especially his thoughts are special. 
All these usual things around us, seemed to 
be beautiful in his mind. He's able to recognise every single detail of any object around him.
He's also an artist with a lot of talent to draw.
One day, he meets a guy called Devon, and suddenly
his life will change.

Untill now, I don't really know how I should go on
further, but I think this will be one of my best work.
Of course It will be in german, but I thought about
translating It later into english.
And I think this will be a part of the Cover. I will
use myself until I find a better model :3

For all those german guys out there:
There's a Webside where you can also read
many stories about gay people:
It's very good! You should really
take a look at It :3

So this was the firsat entry, I hope you
enjoyed It :3

Love, Jil-Estelle

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